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April 8, 2010 [1]


  • Add a hidden preference to allow greasing the unmht: scheme. (#1038)
  • Allow relative URLs to be used for GM_xmlhttpRequest(), just like standard XMLHttpRequest. (#1057)
  • Performance enhancements and code improvements to internal logic behind @include and @exclude rules. (#1070 #1074 #1089)
  • Added translations: ca-ES, cs, fr, nl, sr-RS, vi.

Bug fixes:

  • GM_xmlhttpRequest() can fail when Object.prototype has been modified. (#1065)
  • Two warnings upon making new script via "New User Script". (#1069)
  • Installing scripts from the hard drive (instead of via the web) can fail. (#1077)
  • Fix a flaw that could allow websites to prevent Greasemonkey from running. (#1082)
  • Error "this.menuCommanders is undefined" bug when closing a browser window. (#1087)
  • Error "ScriptDownloader is not defined" when performing view source on a user script. (#1091)


February 11, 2010 [2]

  • Add an abort() method for GM_xmlhttpRequest. (#1007)
  • Increase compatibility with bleeding-edge Firefox versions. (#1054)
  • Display a "welcome" page to new users when they install. (#1006)
  • Fix hooking into the console object for Firebug 1.5.


December 8, 2009 [3]


September 26, 2009 [4]

  • Do not inject scripts into file: and about: URLs by default, for security reasons. (#1000)
  • The GM_openInTab() function respects the background loading tab behavior from Firefox preferences. (#1003)
  • Specify label/control associations in "New Script" dialog, for accessibility. (#1010)
  • Minor code clean ups and improvements. (#1011, #1020)
  • Remove "forced" upgrade code. (#1013)
  • Remove extra spacing around the status bar icon. (#1014)
  • When adding include/exclude rules, include the port number in the default suggestion. (#1015)
  • Reduce noise logged to the console when interacting with Firebug. (#1018)
  • Apply security checks to GM_listValues() and GM_deleteValue(). (#1019)
  • Fix missing localized strings in various locales. (#1022)
  • Grease pages loaded into the sidebar. (#1023)
  • Allow user scripts to access the latest available JavaScript engine. (#1026)


February 18th, 2009 [5]

  • Added translations: ar-SA, bn-IN, hu-HU, id-ID, ro-RO, sr-RS, vi-VN.
  • Fix for ticket #111 (anomalous separators in the monkey menu).
  • Added GM_deleteValue and GM_listValues APIs (#38).
  • Restore the anonymous function wrapper around scripts, and thus the same behavior as versions prior to 0.8 (by default, removable with the @unwrap metadata imperative, #108).
  • Improved interaction with the Firebug console (#122, #204).


June 12th, 2008 [6]



Jan 21st, 2008 [7]

  • Security release where GM_xmlhttpRequest, GM_getValue and GM_setValue were hardened against a privilege escalation attack targeting specific user scripts accessing anything through unsafeWindow, thus gaining content code unrestricted access to those methods (thanks Anthony Lieuallen).
    This change breaks backwards compatibility for scripts granting page code direct or limited access to either method via function references on unsafeWindow; see 0.7.20080121.0 compatibility for available workarounds.


May 24th, 2007 [8]

  • Fixed the bug where you can't install scripts if you have never disabled Greasemonkey.
  • Fixed the bug where drag and drop in the manage dialog only works once per view.
  • Fixed the bug where removing a script in the manage dialog also removes the last script.



May 9th, 2007 [9]


  • You can now reorder the scripts in the manage dialog with drag drop or the arrow keys.
  • You can now use Firebug's console object to debug Greasemonkey if you have Firebug installed.
  • Fix bug where install dialog would pop up when Greasemonkey is disabled.
  • Make Greasemonkey enable/disable keyboard accessible. #9


March 17th, 2007 [10]


  • Rewrite of 'New Script...' UI. It now pops up a nice UI to get the script details and then generates and opens a script which is already installed that you can edit in one step. This is a huge improvement in the usability of this feature. Thanks to Anthony Lieuallen for the implementation.
  • Improvements to error reporting. Most types of errors in user scripts now give the correct line number in the error message. You can also click on the filename in Firebug to view the script, as with other types of errors in Firefox. Anthony is also responsible for this improvement.
  • Added support for overrideMimeType to GM_xmlhttpRequest. Thanks to Lior Zur for the patch. To use, add overrideMimeType: "yourmimetypehere" to the object you pass to GM_xmlhttpRequest.
  • New translations for Finnish, Japanese, and Russian. The Greasemonkey UI looks particularly cool in Japanese. Thanks to Tommi Rautava, Hisateru Tanaka, and Александр Соколов for their contributions.


February 7th, 2007 [11]


  • Fixed the manage dialog so that it doesn't bounce around when you select different user scripts (thanks Anthony Lieuallen)
  • Added Basque translation (thanks 3ARRANO)
  • Updated German translation (thanks Matthias Bauer)
  • Middle-click on monkey icon now opens manage dialog, right-click on scripts in monkey menu opens them in an editor (thanks LouCypher and pile0nades)


October 16th, 2006 [12]


  • Spiffy new installation dialog which more closely resembles the extension installation dialog, and presents more details in a user-friendly way.
  • Spanish language support.


July 28th, 2006 [13]

Multiple versions released in separate places; largely to the Greasemonkey mailing list. Introduced:

  • Compatibility with Firefox 2.0.
  • Foreign language support for Czech, Dutch, and German.


November 30th, 2005 [14] [15]

Introduced: ??


September 12th, 2005 [16]


  • Compatibility with Firefox 1.5.
  • The Monkey Menu, a context menu for the status bar item added in 0.3 beta.
  • Simplified script installation dialogs.


September 9th-ish, 2005

"The Lost Version"

Prerelease showing of:

  • GM_addStyle (From release I probably have this archived somewhere LOL)
  • The Monkey Menu, a context menu for the status bar item added in 0.3 beta.
  • Simplified script installation dialogs.

Some sort of mad scramble occurred on this week when Firefox 1.5b1 was released and this version was lost but not forgotten.



September 3rd, 2005 [17] [18]


September 1st, 2005 [19]

Released to the Greasemonkey mailing list, fixed bugs in the automatic migration system for the changes between the 0.3 and 0.5 branches.


August 25, 2005 [20] [21]


  • Security fix wherein a user script could elevate itself to chrome privileges.
  • User can select the editor to use for "Edit" in manage, and "New User Script".
  • Unicode support for non-english characters.

0.5 beta

July 30th, 2005 [22] [23]

The first release containing security fixes over 0.3.5 intended for public consumption. "Greasemonkey 0.5 is actually the combination of a massive security audit and all the new code which was planned for 0.4."




Details needed.

The 0.4 branch was an internal development version, where experimentation for security fixes happened.



July 19th, 2005 [24] [25]

Security flaw release. Contained no fixes, rather removed all vulnerable features. Intended for (limited) continued use while fixes were being performed.


May 12th, 2005 [26]


  • ".tld" support in @include/@exclude, allowing things like @include http://www.example.tld/ for all international permutations.
  • Log level option for GM_log
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes.


May 10th, 2005 [27] [28]

Primarily bugfix release.

0.3 beta

April 23rd, 2005 [29] [30]




March 30th, 2005 [31] [32]

Bugfix release.


March 28th, 2005 [33] [34]


Also, the default user scripts that were bundled with Greasemonkey by default until this point were removed.