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January 27, 2021 [1]

New features:

  • Support translation for @name and @description of user scripts. (#3089)
  • First party support for GM.registerMenuCommand. (#3078)


October 4, 2020 [2]

(This version might also be called "4.10.0".)

New features:

  • Accessibility enhancements: Appropriate metadata for and a script editor compatible with screen readers. (#3058, #3059, #3060).

Fixed bugs:

  • GM_xmlHttpRequest(): status is null when readyState < 4. (#3068).


June 12, 2019 [3]

Fixed bugs:

  • Error handling scripts with certain names (bug added in v4.8). (#3035)


May 8, 2019 [4]

Fixed bugs:

  • Don't re-enable scripts when saving in editor. (#3008)
  • "New user script" doesn't open a new tab. (#2994)
  • Log error message instead of "unavailable". (#2939)


August 28, 2018 [5]

New features:

  • Automatic update support (#2531)
  • Per-user include/exclude/match settings (#2728)


July 12, 2018 [6]

Fixed bugs:

  • Repair GM.xmlHttpRequest() when fetching XML content. (#2980)

New features:

  • Added translations in several languages.
  • Users may specify global exclude patterns, where no user scripts will run. (#2843)


June 28, 2018 [7]

Fixed bugs:

  • Better importing of partial or corrupted backups. (#2966)
  • Correctly display script data when switching from one to another. (#2963)
  • Correctly display uninstallation of even the last script. (#2957)
  • Correctly handle removal of an @icon from a script. (#2910)

New features:

  • The script editor interactively downloads newly referenced remote resources, and more clearly handle download errors. (#2900)


May 23, 2018 [8]

Fixed bugs:

  • Scripts with icons or resources could sometimes fail to save, including when only the enabled/disabled status changes. (#2943)

New features:

  • Script editor will prompt, when closing with unsaved edits. (#2886)
  • Support for backup and restore of installed scripts. (With very limited support for importing ViolentMonkey and TamperMonkey backups.) (#2747)
  • Many improvements to the Monkey Menu. (#2913)


March 16, 2018 [9]

Fixed bugs:

  • The open_in_background feature of GM.openInTab() works correctly. (#2672)
  • Installation of user scripts works even from sites with strict Content Security Policies, like GitHub. (#2631)

New features:

  • Even "forbidden" headers (e.g. Cookie, Host, User-Agent) may be specified when calling GM.xmlHttpRequest(). (#2723)
  • Interface strings are translated into multiple languages. (#2527)
  • Greasemonkey will not install scripts while disabled. (#2643)
  • Monkey menu has new Firefox-native look and feel. (#2805)
  • New scalable icon. (#2739)


January 19, 2018 [10]

Fixed bugs:

  • Use of the Magic TLD is now reflected correctly in the monkey menu user script list. (#2795)
  • Privileged API handlers will now refuse to continue without the appropriate @grant entry. (#2777)
  • Native xmlHttpRequest now handles URLs relative to the page correctly. (#2771)
  • When globally enabling/disabling Greasemonkey, this setting is saved across Firefox restarts. (#2652)

New features:

  • Firefox for Android is marked compatible.
  • Improved keyboard accessibility of the Monkey Menu. (#2794)
  • Added a save button to the user script editor (Ctrl-S still works). (#2785)
  • User scripts will execute on local file:///s. (#2693)
  • The script install dialog appears in a dialog, not a browser tab. (#2641)
  • When the ==UserScript== block contains an unrecognized key, the entire key name is indicated in the warning message. (#2684)


December 11, 2017 [11]

Fixed bugs:

  • For GM.xmlHttpRequest, set the finalURL (#2692) and support onprogress (#2712).
  • Update @match handling to be consistent with pre-existing behavior. (#2673, #2715)
  • Handle user scripts that end with a comment. (#2670)
  • Fix changing @noframes in the user script editor. (#2637)

New features:

  • The "save" action in the user script editor is platform natural. (#2690)
  • Add a "new script" feature, for creating a new user script from scratch. (#2645)
  • The script list in the monkey menu is split into "active" and "inactive" sections. (#2585)


November 2, 2017 [12]

Greasemonkey was rewritten almost completely from scratch, based on WebExtensions ("a new browser extension API; a cross-browser system for developing extensions"). Due to the hard deadline that Firefox 57 (which supports only the WebExtensions API) Greasemonkey 4.0 was released with several features missing. Further releases in the (near) future should add most or all of Greasemonkey's older features back.


3.13 through 3.17

Several small revisions were rapidly made, all oriented towards improving the migration of data into Greasemonkey 4.0.


September 19 2017 [13]

Fixed bugs:

  • Repair rare breakage in GM_getValue/GM_setValue. (#2506)

New Features:

  • Migrate existing scripts to a WebExtension (for Firefox 57+) compatible data storage location. (#2551)


April 25, 2017 [14]

Fixed bugs:

  • Repair broken language check. (#2488)
  • Compatibility with new strict process sandbox. (#2485)


February 22, 2017 [15]

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix compatibility with Firefox 54. (#2480)


August 19, 2016 [16]

Feature Enhancements:

  • Improve the performance of GM_getValue/GM_setValue. (#2197, #2025)
  • Add a rich tooltip to the Greasemonkey toolbar button. (#2377, #2418)
  • GM_getResourceText supports a second (responseType) parameter, for better compatibility with binary files. (#2376)

Fixed bugs:

  • Global exclude rules no longer require a Firefox restart to take effect. (#2410)
  • A web page whose url ends in .user.js could fail to load. (#2407)
  • A script whose name ends in .db could fail. (#2402)


April 28, 2016 [17]

Feature enhancements:

  • Scripts can now detect whether they are operating in Private Mode or not. (#2199)

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected a situation wherein some scripts could be executed twice. (#2371)
  • Improved reliability of Sync service. (#2351)
  • Improved handling of HTML pages served with .user.js URLs. (#2280)


February 19, 2016 [18]

Feature enhancements:

  • Added a (subtle) indicator for scripts that can not / will not download updates. (#2358)

Fixed bugs:

  • Using @resource URLs for images could fail to work in multi-process Firefox. (#2341)
  • Invalid metadata in the template prevented the "New Script" feature. (#2336)
  • Drag-and-drop install of a script could launch two install windows. (#2292)


November 20, 2015 [19]

Feature enhancements:

  • Better support for scripts with a very large number of @include/@exclude/@match rules. (#2318)
  • Display a notification to the user when there is a problem parsing an edited script. (#2319)
  • In GM_info the serving URL for an @resource is listed. (#2281)
  • Added support for @run-at document-idle. (#2109)

Fixed bugs:

  • Repair compatibility of @resource files and certain serving contexts for recent versions of Firefox. (#2326)
  • Correctly refresh files when changing (e.g.) @require lines in a script. (#2311)
  • Repaired binary behavior of GM_xmlhttpRequest. (#2265)


October 20, 2015 [20]

Feature enhancements:

  • Restored "more" link in Add-ons Manager, add metadata support to fill it. (#1944)
  • The Options window can (usually) be resized. (#2194)
  • Allow scripting about:reader pages. (#2195)
  • Various performance/efficiency enhancements. (#2243, #2259)
  • Allow .cmd file as editor on Windows. (#2271)

Fixed bugs:

  • The GM_getValue API behavior matches the documentation. (#2151)
  • Repaired the Greasemonkey menus. (#2276)


September 17, 2015 [21]

Fixed bugs:

  • Address data corruption bug that could incorrectly uninstall scripts being updated. (#2274)


September 11, 2015 [22]

Feature enhancements:

  • Added features to GM_openInTab. (#2257)
  • Improved performance and memory efficiency. (#2225, #2237)
  • Remember user script sort order. (#2128)

Fixed bugs:

  • Work around a Firefox bug that broke GM_openInTab when e10s is not enabled. (#2234)
  • Fixed a bug in the "view script source" feature preventing the tab from opening correctly. (#2202)
  • Correctly handle uninstalled scripts and user @match preferences through Sync. (#2186, #2188)
  • Improved the behavior of cloneInto to work in more cases. (#2070)
  • Scripts that are run-at document-start will run on about:blank. (#2041)


July 24, 2015 [23]

Feature enhancements:

  • Allow the script preference window flex size, especially useful for smaller displays. (#2191)
  • The script preference editor now allows editing @match (as well as @include and @exclude like always). (#2126)
  • GM_getResourceURL is now compatible with favicons.  (#1955)
  • Web sites should not be able to detect that Greasemonkey is installed. (#1787)

Fixed bugs:

  • Web pages whose URLs end with .user.js should load properly. (#2178)
  • Repair memory leak related to GM_registerMenuCommand().  (#2067)


May 29, 2015 [24]

Feature enhancements:

  • The GM_openInTab() API officially supports an open_in_background argument, and always respects user configuration when not specified. (#2105, #2106, #2107)
  • The GM_xmlhttpRequest() API is now compatible with responseType: 'arraybuffer'. (#2045)
  • Script updates always check the server, never using the browser cache. (#1878)
  • Now @match rules can be customized in script settings. (#1703)

Fixed bugs:

  • More consistently send cookies with GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#2181)
  • Calling abort() on the result of GM_xmlhttpRequest() should no longer cause errors. (#2154)
  • Fix GM_registerMenuCommand() for @run-at document-start scripts. (#2139)
  • Restore operation of the GM_info.version property. (#2132)
  • The GM_xmlhttpRequest() API will no longer leak cookies from the regular session, when operating in a Private Browsing session. (#2050)
  • Checking for add-on updates will enforce a server timeout, so it does not potentially hang forever. (#2029)
  • Repair navigation to HTML pages whose URL happens to end in .user.js. (#1998)


March 20, 2015 [25]

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix @noframes feature. (#2110)
  • Fix injecting scripts into about:blank. (#2108)
  • Display localized script name/description correctly. (#2102)
  • Correct GM_openInTab() to only open one tab. (#2094)
  • Repair default script editor. (#2073)


March 13, 2015 [26]

No intentional user visible changes. Internally rewritten for multi process Firefox compatibility.



October 29, 2014 [27]

Enhancements and changes:

  • Added @noframes metadata imperative. (#1859)

Fixed bugs:

  • Improved disk usage of script values' SQLite databases. (#2036)
  • Fixed the responseType feature for GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#2032)
  • Fixed a null variable reference in Firefox Sync. (#2014, #2017)


August 28, 2014 [28]

Enhancements and changes:

  • Added a "New User Script" button into the Add-ons Manager. (#1972)
  • Scripts will always execute (or not) based on their original URL, before any possible history.replaceState() changes by the content scripts. (#1970)
  • Script @name and @description values can be localized for multiple languages. (#1963)

Fixed bugs:

  • User scripts will never execute with chrome privileges. (#1988)
  • Improved Drag-and-Drop into the Add-ons Manager. (#1980)
  • Correctly show all Unicode characters when selecting View Script Source. (#1940)
  • Repair GM_xmlhttpRequest() for XML type responses. (#1937)
  • Fix the position of tabs created with GM_openInTab(). (#1897)
  • Do not falsely trigger the install dialog when e.g. editing a script via the GitHub web interface. (#1875)
  • Fixed an error when pressing cancel in the install dialog. (#1862)
  • GM_log() no longer truncate at NUL bytes. (#1061)


July 21, 2014 [29]

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix script updates. (#1938)
  • Repair GM_xmlhttpRequest(), broken in 2.0. (#1937)
  • A script will no longer be overwritten by an @require of the same name. (#1906)
  • Repaired the functionality of the "Undo" button after uninstalling a script. (#1898)


Jun 17, 2014 [30]

Backwards incompatible changes:

  • For stability, reliability, and security the privileged sandbox has been updated to match the new changes to unsafeWindow for the Add-on SDK. In order to write values to unsafeWindow you will need to use the new methods cloneInto(), exportFunction(), and/or createObjectIn().
  • The @grant none mode is now the default, and grants will no longer be implied when not explicitly provided.  See the post Sandbox API Changes in Greasemonkey 2.0 for more detail.

If your script already specifies @grant none, these changes will not affect you.  If your script does not interact with unsafeWindow, these changes will not affect you.

Otherwise, these changes will break some scripts.  These scripts will need to be updated to work correctly again.  We don't take breaking changes lightly.  It's been just under two years since version 1.0 when we last introduced major changes, and it these particular changes are both important and valuable in the long run.


  • Greasemonkey will only use explicit @grant metadata, it will no longer sniff for implicitly used APIs. (This change takes effect at install time.  Currently installed scripts will continue to function as normal until they are updated/edited/reinstalled.) (#1908)
  • GM_addStyle() now returns the created element. (#1892)
  • Update checks will attempt to read a .meta.js file for scripts installed from any site on the internet.  (#1885)
  • Remove all references to the now defunct website. (#1884)
  • Privileged scripts' event listeners will run, even when content JavaScript is disabled. (#1882)
  • Turn on Firefox Sync support by default. (#1857)
  • GM_xmlhttpRequest() can set the resposeType parameter on the request. (#1834)

Fixed bugs:

  • A rare NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI error when running certain scripts has been resolved.  (#1930)
  • Fixed a bug when parsing @match rules which could destroy configuration state. (#1912)
  • A bug fix for the @match metadata, to correctly match bare domain names. (#1899)
  • The database where persistent values are stored correctly vacuums its unused space. (#1879)
  • A relative @require URL will now work correctly. (#1874)
  • The options window will flex to fit on small (or large) screens. (#1871)
  • Greasemonkey's integration with Firefox Sync should no longer cause unnecessary prompts when a master password is set. (#1852, #1870)



February 11, 2014 [31]


  • Greasemonkey sends headers when making script update checks. (#1824)
  • Allow correct installation of even scripts with invalid duplicate UTF-8 BOMs. (#1823)

Fixed bugs:

  • Applied a workaround for a Firefox crash that affects scripts which use setInterval() incorrectly. (##1869)
  • Fixed enable/disable button state for user scripts in Add-ons Manager. (##1811)


January 15, 2014 [32]

Fixed bugs:

  • Certain script install/uninstall actions could cause Firefox to fail to open (Windows only). (#1833)


December, 2013 [33]


  • All scripts installed from will use HTTPS by default, so that automatic updates will work. (#1800)
  • All stored script values (GM_setValue) move from the (soon to be limited) Firefox global preferences store into a per-script database, so that this limit will not break scripts. (#1798)
  • Log a more understandable error if GM_getResourceText is called with a nonexistent resource name. (#1796)
  • User script installation will continue if the @icon is unavailable. (#1793)
  • Firefox Sync support, to keep installed User Scripts the same on all your browsers. (#1573)

Fixed bugs:

  • We will not (incorrectly) say "Greasemonkey is disabled" when using the Show Script Source button. (#1828)
  • Fix saving the new script template value. (#1808)
  • Keep the Add-ons Manager display up to date as scripts change. (#1804)


August 15, 2013 [34]


  • The template for the New Script... feature is now customizable (#1753)
  • Users can now force a remote update even for scripts where it was otherwise intentionally disabled. (#1743)

Fixed bugs:

  • A situation that could cause script details displayed in the Add-ons Manager to be incorrect was resolved. (#1778)
  • When using Scratchpad as a script editor, the run features are hidden. (They don't work correctly for user scripts; reload the page to rerun the script.) (#1771)
  • Script updates will detect Coral CDN failures and use direct checks instead. (#1722)


July 18, 2013 [35]


  • The GM_info object now has a scriptSource property, like Tampermonkey. (#1738)

Fixed bugs:

  • Scripts will no longer run on data: scheme URLs. This is a security enhancement. (#1767)
  • Fixed errors logged to the console when opening the "Websites..." Monkey Menu item. (#1762)
  • Fix GM_openInTab() behavior when moving tabs across windows. (#1758)


June 20, 2013 [36]


  • Navigating to a user script while Greasemonkey is disabled will display a warning, in case the intent was to install the script. (#1727)
  • Added a context parameter to GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#1725)
  • Added GM_setClipboard() API method. (#1514)

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix some corner cases with the value displayed for a script's modified date in the Add-ons Manager. (#1744)
  • Fix GM_openInTab() behavior with relative URLs. (#1719)


May 13, 2013 [37]

Bug fixes:

  • Keep the script name and version in sync, for the Add-ons Manager display. (#1734, #1710)
  • Fix launching editor from script preferences window, when certain extended characters are in the @name or @namespace. (#1732)
  • Fix automated script updates (the first automatic update could cause future updates to stop working). (#1723)
  • The abort() method for GM_xmlhttpRequest was not permissioned properly. (#1714)


Feb 21, 2013 [38]


  • Added shortcuts to the various Greasemonkey web sites in the monkey menu. (#1704)
  • The redirectionLimit option has been added to GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#1690)
  • By default the script editor is now Scratchpad, which is built into Firefox. This can be configured in the Greasemonkey Options dialog. (#1688)

Bug fixes:

  • Scripts work at about:blank again. (#1696)
  • Drag-and-drop into the Add-ons Manager works now. (#1663)


Jan 17, 2013 [39]

(Note: Due to issue #1692, found after 1.7's release but before Mozilla approved it, 1.7 was pulled and 1.7.1 is the first public release after 1.6.)

Bug fixes:

  • A change to the Magic TLD feature in Greasemonkey 1.6 had adverse performance impact, when enough installed scripts make use of this feature. (#1689)
  • Two translations were missing from the cs locale. (#1687)


Jan 10, 2013 [40]


  • Properly run scripts on pages that specify only a username in the URL. (#1677)
  • Tweak the "New User Script.." feature which allows adding a user script from the keyboard so that it's harder to overwrite installed scripts. (#1672)
  • Add the line number to the "use of return outside functions is deprecated" warning. (#1670)
  • Update the pattern matching for the Magic TLD part of @include rules. (#1351)

Bug fixes:

  • Calling window.location.replace() with only an #anchor part of the URL no longer fails. (#1584)


Nov 19, 2012 [41]


  • Improve the clarity of the error message when installing a script with a missing sub-resource. (#1666)
  • Create opt-in only statistics gathering. See the blog post about this for more detail. (#1651)
  • When displaying an update that has been found but not installed due to user settings, show the version that will be installed by the update, not the version already installed. (#1497)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a failure to download updates when one is found. (#1669)
  • Fix the enable/disable pattern on the User Script Commands sub menu. (#1665)
  • Do not break the script when adding a bad (i.e. 404) URL as a new @require. (#1661)
  • Avoid loops when the resource at downloadURL and updateURL disagree about the newest available version. (#1659)
  • Fix when relative URLs are provided for downloadURL or updateURL. (#1658)


Oct 7, 2012 [42]


  • The User Script update code has been revamped and simplified to be completely integrated with the standard Firefox Add-on update system. Opting in and out of update checking and installing now uses the base Firefox settings. If you are opted out of automatically installing updates, there should be an "Updates" tab in the Add-ons Manager where you can review and optionally install them.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix updates (see enhancement above). Especially: a bug that installed updates far too often, when they should not have been. (#1646, #1647)
  • Fix an obscure case which could cause Firefox to crash in Ubuntu Linux. (#1632)


Sep 27, 2012 [43]


  • The "Show Script Source" button in the install dialog is enabled as soon as the script source is downloaded. (#1640)
  • Use new style non-modal popup notifications where old toast style notifications were used. (#1563)

Bug fixes:

  • A false "update" was installed on every page load. (Cause: #1636 Fix: #1643)


Sep 27, 2012 [44]

Note: This release was never made public because of #1643.


  • Enhance compatibility with Add-on Update Checker. (#1621)
  • Add resources property to GM_info. (#1610)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix __exposedProps__ issues with GM_xmlhttpRequest and GM_listValues. (#1637, #1629)
  • Don't auto-install script updates when that preference is turned off. (#1636)
  • Run scripts at a http://user:pass@domain/ style URL. (#1631)
  • Fix GM_registerMenuCommand (broken in 1.1). (#1627)


Sep 6, 2012 [45]


  • Compatibility with upcoming Firefox changes. (See [46]; #1595)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a Firefox crash caused by a bad greasemonkey-script: URL (i.e. passing the empty string, or a nonexistent resource name to GM_getResourceUrl().) (#1623)
  • Re-fixed the setTimeout + alert issue; it popped up again in the grant none case. (Note: Firefox 16 fixes this for real. This just applies the same old workaround.) (#1620)
  • Fixed the character encoding of the es-CL translation. (#1616)
  • Fixed the display of the "Enabled" check mark in the monkey menu. (#1611)
  • Fixed the "Show Script Source" button for some scripts. (#1609)
  • Killed the final remaining zombie compartment (i.e. memory leak). (#1608)


Aug 24, 2012 [47]


  • New metadata, @grant, specifies which special APIs a user script will have access to. Specifying @grant none means no special API access, and thus no security restrictions. Then, everything you're used to doing in JavaScript in a web page (including but not limited to jQuery) should just work. For legacy scripts (which have no @grant line at all), Greasemonkey will try to guess what @grant lines you should have. (#1425, #1427, #1558)
  • The toolbar button is colorful (in the enabled state) on Mac OS X. (#1597)
  • The metadata @unwrap has been removed, as being unwrapped is now the default. The wrapper will still be applied to scripts that have a "return" statement outside of any function, but this may be removed in the future, so make sure your scripts (and requires) don't do this; authors may manually add an anonymous function wrapper around the script for the exact same behavior. (#1568, #1592)
  • Scripts that @run-at document-start have a valid document object to modify, E.G. for adding <style> tags; but still before any part of the document is loaded. (#1565)
  • GM_xmlhttpRequest() accepts a timeout option. (#1561)
  • GM_getResourceURL() works with a special protocol handler. (This is more efficient/faster than the data: URI encoding used previously.) For example, specify images and styles with URLs to your @resources.
  • The standard Firefox web developer console works for console.log() et al. (#1564)
  • Automatic updates work correctly with scripts installed from (but still note the require secure updates setting). (#1555)
  • Require at least Firefox 14.0 (no more Firefox 3 compatibility). (#1426, #1522)
  • Error reporting is much more consistent and obvious than in the past. (#1404, #1592)
  • The alert() workaround (see [48]) is not applied for Firefox versions that do not exhibit this bug. (#1318, #1350)

Bug fixes:

  • When downloading a script not encoded in UTF-8, display an error message to the user (rather than just failing). (#1588)
  • The "show script" button in the install dialog is disabled until the download of the script file is complete. (#1586)
  • Scripts with missing or broken "==UserScript==" metadata will work. (#1562)



July 31, 2012 [49]


  • Fix memory leak related to GM_registerMenuCommander. (#1578)


May 14, 2012 [50]


  • When the toolbar is in text-only mode, the "Greasemonkey" label on the toolbar button will be striked-out when Greasemonkey is disabled. (#1544)
  • When selecting a script editor, the previous choice will be remembered and displayed. (#1546)

Bug fixes:

  • A change in 0.9.19 broke setTimeout() for a variety of cases, that has been reverted. (#1549, #1552, #1553)
  • Scripts with long names and/or file names could fail to install in Windows. (#1548)


April 23, 2012 [51]


  • A custom wrapper to make setTimeout() work even when Javascript is disabled. (#1209)
  • Restored the "script installed successfully" toast notification. (#1511)
  • Scripts download more incrementally; the install dialog should appear as soon as the script metadata has been downloaded, not after the entire script is downloaded. (#1523)

Bug fixes:

  • Specifying a script editor in a non-ASCII folder will work (Firefox 4+ only). (#1173)
  • Scripts installed while the Add-Ons Manager is open will show their icon. (#1535)


Feb 28, 2012 [52]


Bug fixes:

  • Add-on Manager shows correct data when re-installing (e.g. to update) a script. (#1476)
  • Re-installed scripts are put into the same directory as the original. (#1515)
  • The matches property of GM_info is now a list of (pattern) strings. (#1516)


Feb 11, 2012 [53]

Bug fixes:

  • Error: "aForced is not defined". (#1517)


February 10, 2012 [54]


  • Expose information (including Greasemonkey version) to user scripts via GM_info. (#1452; also see #1512)
  • Track the install time of scripts. (This is designed to better support automatic updates for scripts ... still coming soon.) (#1513)

Bug fixes:

  • Editing script from the "New User Script" feature, to change any remote dependency (@icon, @require, @resource), could the script to malfunction. (#1504)
  • Enabling/disabling scripts from the status bar menu (Firefox 3 only). (#1506)
  • Incompatibility with GreaseFire. (#1507)
  • Failures during "Check for Updates" from the Add-on manager. (#1509)


January 25, 2012 [55]

Bug fixes:

  • Editing an installed script to change any remote dependency (@icon, @require, @resource) could cause one or many scripts to be deleted. (#1466, #1502)
  • Certain @requires can break a script, due to javascript semicolon insertion rules. (#1491)
  • Toggling the enabled state of a script via the main (Tools > Greasemonkey) menu failed on Mac. (#1496)
  • Installing a script from local disk failed in 0.9.14. (#1501)


January 20, 2012 [56]


  • For new script installs, and installed scripts' updates (still not enabled by default) there is a progress meter for the download. (#1419)

Bug fixes:

  • Revert the changes to GM_xmlhttpRequest() in 0.9.13 (which were supposed to have no effect, but created a subtle bug). (#1472)
  • Guarantee that we do not create a specific kind of memory leak. (#1482)


November 3, 2011 [57]


  • Script updates install automatically. (#1442)
  • In 0.9.12 we added update checking. In 0.9.13 updates install automatically, but there's still some discussion over how to handle this best (#1455), so checking is still not enabled by default. We hope to figure this out by the 0.9.14 release. Some other update related work was done, mostly to make Firefox 3 work better. (#1421, #1422, #1423)
  • Provide an Options item in the Monkey Menu. (#1447)
  • Add a Cancel button to the Options window. (#1454)

Bug fixes:

  • GM_getResourceText() was broken. (#1438)
  • You can properly select an application (bundle) for the editor on Mac OS X. (#1439)
  • Fix GM_openInTab for Firefox 3. (#1444)
  • Fix when pages reassign the location during page load. (#1445)


September 29, 2011 [58]


  • Script update checking (limited!). (#1053)
  • Scripts run with the latest available version of Javascript. (#1403)

Bug fixes:

  • Shared window object. (#1278)
  • Right-clicking a script in the Monkey Menu works, even when no editor is configured. (#1405)
  • Fix launching the editor. (#1409)
  • Scripts with @match could break loading all other scripts. (#1414)
  • When browsing local files, menu commands for all scripts (on all tabs) no longer display. (#1424)
  • Fix GM_openInTab(). (#1428)


September 6, 2011 [59]

Bug fixes:

  • Apply a workaround for Tab Mix Plus' brokenness. (#1406)


August 22, 2011 [60]

Bug fixes:

  • You will be prompted to pick a new editor if the existing setting is an invalid path. (#1386)
  • Changing views within the Add-ons Manager could cause the user script sort order to be wrong. (#1394)


  • When a script causes an unhandled error, the display in the Error Console will be a bit easier to read. (#1396)
  • When Growl is not installed, Greasemonkey's notifications are less obtrusive. (#1397)
  • A range of internal code clean ups. (#1395, #1398, #1399, #1400, #1401)


August 12, 2011 [61]

Note: never approved by Mozilla.

Bug fixes:

  • Pressing 'back' could rarely cause a script to run twice on the same page. (#1083)
  • Extended characters would get corrupted in new scripts. (#1236, #1315)
  • A full disk could cause loss of data (especially config.xml). (#1301)
  • (Affecting 0.9.8) Scripts would not install (all scripts in Firefox 3: #1389, always for certain scripts: #1391)


  • GM_xmlhttpRequest() provides progress events. (#1081)
  • GM_xmlhttpRequset() provides a synchronous mode. (#1269)
  • By popular demand: a UI for editing @includes and @excludes. (#1362)


August 1, 2011 [62]

Bug fixes:

  • User scripts cannot run in any about: pages besides about:blank. (Security enhancement; #1375)


  • Global, user specified, @exclude rules. (#1002)
  • Support for @run-at metadata imperative, which supports value document-start, as well as the standard document-end behavior. (#1103)
  • New @match metadata imperative, as implemented by Google Chrome. Thanks to Scriptish for original implementation. (#1377)
  • Support for full regular expression syntax in Include and exclude rules. (#1378)


July 14, 2011 [63]

Bug fixes:

  • Scripts with broken @icons will install, just with no icon. (#1214)
  • Editing the @icon line of a script will take effect immediately. (#1215)
  • Remote resources (@require, @resource, @icon) that redirect to other URLs will now work. (#1222)


  • Compatibility with Firefox 6 and 7. (#1357)
  • GM_openInTab() will respect the insertRelatedAfterCurrent preference. (#1370)


June 24, 2011 [64]

Bug fixes:


  • Add "get user scripts" link to the Add-ons Manager. (#1213)
  • Pass site cookies when downloading scripts. (#1359)


May 26, 2011 [65]

Bug fixes:

  • Installing and uninstalling the same script many times does not work properly. (#1353)
  • GM_xmlhttpRequest() does not work in Firefox 5 betas. (#1354)
  • (Introduced in 0.9.4:) Cannot enable nor disable scripts. (#1355)
  • Installing the first user script while the user scripts pane of the add-ons manager is open leaves the "no user scripts" warning. (#1356)


  • The installation dialog shows the script version, if provided with @version. (#1349)


Note: Not publicly released due to bugs.

May 24, 2011 [66]

Bug fixes:

  • The GM_openInTab() API again returns a handle to the window object. (#1298)
  • Using alert() will not break setTimeout() nor GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#1318)
    Note: we currently only have a work-around in place, watch mozilla bug 647727 for a real fix.


  • When re-ordering execution of scripts: clicking the first/last item disables sooner/later items, and picking any of these will switch to Execution Order sort (if it is not already selected).
  • Removed the detail view for user scripts, which did not contain any more information than the list view.


April 28, 2011 [67]

Bug fixes:

  • Error message logged ("Redeclaration of const document")/high CPU usage when closing the sidebar. (#1226, #1298)
  • Navigating to a .user.js inside a frame works like anywhere else. (#1248)
  • The list of user scripts in the Add-ons Manager would sometimes forget its sort order. (#1307)
  • Compatibility enhancement with AutoPager (broken in 0.9.2). (#1344)
  • Passing a non-function to GM_registerMenuCommand()'s commandFunc broke the entire menu, and items showed up in the wrong order (both broken in 0.9.2). (#1346, #1347)


  • Passing the Referer header works, for GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#1240)
  • Accessibility: The sort buttons in the Add-ons Manager work with keyboard input (space/enter). (#1345)


April 5, 2011 [68]

Bug Fixes:

  • Failure on OSX when Growl is installed, but not running. (#1264)
  • Incorrect display of Greasemonkey icon in Add-ons window (Firefox 3.6, OS X). (#1284, #1291)
  • Provide a sort bar, to control display order of the scripts in the Add-ons manager, for Firefox 4. (#1293)
  • Remove "accelerator" keys from GM_registerMenuCommand(). (#1312, [69])
  • Work around incompatibility with Personas Plus extension. (#1253)


  • Provide a toolbar button, and remove the status bar icon for Firefox 4. (#1227)
  • When re-installing a script (e.g. for an update), keep it in the same execution order. (#1267)
  • Keep the add-ons manager view up to date when changing (installing/enabling/disabling/etc) user scripts. (#1305)


January 24, 2011 [70]

Bug fixes:

  • Fix user script sandbox wrapping. This deals with lots of problems like eval(). (#1258, also #1254, #1260, #1263, #1265)
  • Fixed rare bug when installing scripts. (#1250)
  • Fixed errors when Growl is not installed on Mac OS X. (#1249)
  • Fixed problems with relative @require imperatives. (#1262)

New features:

  • Allow sorting by descending (as well as ascending) execution order. (#1217)


January 18, 2011 [71]


  • Compatibility with Firefox 4! Firefox 4 support is still preliminary. Everything probably works, but not everything works really well. The backlog of bugs for the next release is primarily focused on this.
  • Complete integration with the standard Firefox Add-ons dialog, treating User Scripts as just another kind of browser add-on. (See the reference link above for screenshots.)
  • A global options dialog, where the script editor can always be selected. (#1012, #1109)
  • Live in-place editing for the entire script, including metadata (@name, @require, @include, @exclude, etc.). (#1148, #1157, #1165)
  • Web pages that end in .user.js are loaded as normal, instead of being installed as a user script. (#1184)

Bug fixes / minor enhancements:

  • All Greasemonkey windows respond to standard close window keyboard shortcuts. (#1085)
  • Support for @icon metadata imperative, displayed in the new add-ons manager integration. (#1096)
  • Support user and password for GM_xmlhttpRequest(). (#1100)
  • Support @version metadata imperative. (#1110)
  • Suppress spurious Error: not well-formed (// ==UserScript==) error messages. (#1134)
  • The "install" menu item is removed. (#1196)



April 8, 2010 [72]


  • Add a hidden preference to allow greasing the unmht: scheme. (#1038)
  • Allow relative URLs to be used for GM_xmlhttpRequest(), just like standard XMLHttpRequest. (#1057)
  • Performance enhancements and code improvements to internal logic behind @include and @exclude rules. (#1070 #1074 #1089)
  • Added translations: ca-ES, cs, fr, nl, sr-RS, vi.

Bug fixes:

  • GM_xmlhttpRequest() can fail when Object.prototype has been modified. (#1065)
  • Two warnings upon making new script via "New User Script". (#1069)
  • Installing scripts from the hard drive (instead of via the web) can fail. (#1077)
  • Fix a flaw that could allow websites to prevent Greasemonkey from running. (#1082)
  • Error "this.menuCommanders is undefined" bug when closing a browser window. (#1087)
  • Error "ScriptDownloader is not defined" when performing view source on a user script. (#1091)


February 11, 2010 [73]

  • Add an abort() method for GM_xmlhttpRequest. (#1007)
  • Increase compatibility with bleeding-edge Firefox versions. (#1054)
  • Display a "welcome" page to new users when they install. (#1006)
  • Fix hooking into the console object for Firebug 1.5.


December 8, 2009 [74]


September 26, 2009 [75]

  • Do not inject scripts into file: and about: URLs by default, for security reasons. (#1000)
  • The GM_openInTab() function respects the background loading tab behavior from Firefox preferences. (#1003)
  • Specify label/control associations in "New Script" dialog, for accessibility. (#1010)
  • Minor code clean ups and improvements. (#1011, #1020)
  • Remove "forced" upgrade code. (#1013)
  • Remove extra spacing around the status bar icon. (#1014)
  • When adding include/exclude rules, include the port number in the default suggestion. (#1015)
  • Reduce noise logged to the console when interacting with Firebug. (#1018)
  • Apply security checks to GM_listValues() and GM_deleteValue(). (#1019)
  • Fix missing localized strings in various locales. (#1022)
  • Grease pages loaded into the sidebar. (#1023)
  • Allow user scripts to access the latest available JavaScript engine. (#1026)


February 18th, 2009 [76]

  • Added translations: ar-SA, bn-IN, hu-HU, id-ID, ro-RO, sr-RS, vi-VN.
  • Fix for ticket #111 (anomalous separators in the monkey menu).
  • Added GM_deleteValue and GM_listValues APIs (#38).
  • Restore the anonymous function wrapper around scripts, and thus the same behavior as versions prior to 0.8 (by default, removable with the @unwrap metadata imperative, #108).
  • Improved interaction with the Firebug console (#122, #204).


June 12th, 2008 [77]



Jan 21st, 2008 [78]

  • Security release where GM_xmlhttpRequest, GM_getValue and GM_setValue were hardened against a privilege escalation attack targeting specific user scripts accessing anything through unsafeWindow, thus gaining content code unrestricted access to those methods (thanks Anthony Lieuallen).
    This change breaks backwards compatibility for scripts granting page code direct or limited access to either method via function references on unsafeWindow; see 0.7.20080121.0 compatibility for available workarounds.


May 24th, 2007 [79]

  • Fixed the bug where you can't install scripts if you have never disabled Greasemonkey.
  • Fixed the bug where drag and drop in the manage dialog only works once per view.
  • Fixed the bug where removing a script in the manage dialog also removes the last script.



May 9th, 2007 [80]


  • You can now reorder the scripts in the manage dialog with drag drop or the arrow keys.
  • You can now use Firebug's console object to debug Greasemonkey if you have Firebug installed.
  • Fix bug where install dialog would pop up when Greasemonkey is disabled.
  • Make Greasemonkey enable/disable keyboard accessible. #9


March 17th, 2007 [81]


  • Rewrite of 'New Script...' UI. It now pops up a nice UI to get the script details and then generates and opens a script which is already installed that you can edit in one step. This is a huge improvement in the usability of this feature. Thanks to Anthony Lieuallen for the implementation.
  • Improvements to error reporting. Most types of errors in user scripts now give the correct line number in the error message. You can also click on the filename in Firebug to view the script, as with other types of errors in Firefox. Anthony is also responsible for this improvement.
  • Added support for overrideMimeType to GM_xmlhttpRequest. Thanks to Lior Zur for the patch. To use, add overrideMimeType: "yourmimetypehere" to the object you pass to GM_xmlhttpRequest.
  • New translations for Finnish, Japanese, and Russian. The Greasemonkey UI looks particularly cool in Japanese. Thanks to Tommi Rautava, Hisateru Tanaka, and Александр Соколов for their contributions.


February 7th, 2007 [82]


  • Fixed the manage dialog so that it doesn't bounce around when you select different user scripts (thanks Anthony Lieuallen)
  • Added Basque translation (thanks 3ARRANO)
  • Updated German translation (thanks Matthias Bauer)
  • Middle-click on monkey icon now opens manage dialog, right-click on scripts in monkey menu opens them in an editor (thanks LouCypher and pile0nades)


October 16th, 2006 [83]


  • Spiffy new installation dialog which more closely resembles the extension installation dialog, and presents more details in a user-friendly way.
  • Spanish language support.


July 28th, 2006 [84]

Multiple versions released in separate places; largely to the Greasemonkey mailing list. Introduced:

  • Compatibility with Firefox 2.0.
  • Foreign language support for Czech, Dutch, and German.


November 30th, 2005 [85] [86]

Introduced: ??


September 12th, 2005 [87]


  • Compatibility with Firefox 1.5.
  • The Monkey Menu, a context menu for the status bar item added in 0.3 beta.
  • Simplified script installation dialogs.


September 9th-ish, 2005

"The Lost Version"

Prerelease showing of:

  • GM_addStyle (From release I probably have this archived somewhere LOL)
  • The Monkey Menu, a context menu for the status bar item added in 0.3 beta.
  • Simplified script installation dialogs.

Some sort of mad scramble occurred on this week when Firefox 1.5b1 was released and this version was lost but not forgotten.



September 3rd, 2005 [88] [89]


September 1st, 2005 [90]

Released to the Greasemonkey mailing list, fixed bugs in the automatic migration system for the changes between the 0.3 and 0.5 branches.


August 25, 2005 [91] [92]


  • Security fix wherein a user script could elevate itself to chrome privileges.
  • User can select the editor to use for "Edit" in manage, and "New User Script".
  • Unicode support for non-english characters.

0.5 beta

July 30th, 2005 [93] [94]

The first release containing security fixes over 0.3.5 intended for public consumption. "Greasemonkey 0.5 is actually the combination of a massive security audit and all the new code which was planned for 0.4."




Details needed.

The 0.4 branch was an internal development version, where experimentation for security fixes happened.



July 19th, 2005 [95] [96]

Security flaw release. Contained no fixes, rather removed all vulnerable features. Intended for (limited) continued use while fixes were being performed.


May 12th, 2005 [97]


  • ".tld" support in @include/@exclude, allowing things like @include http://www.example.tld/ for all international permutations.
  • Log level option for GM_log
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes.


May 10th, 2005 [98] [99]

Primarily bugfix release.

0.3 beta

April 23rd, 2005 [100] [101]




March 30th, 2005 [102] [103]

Bugfix release.


March 28th, 2005 [104] [105]


Also, the default user scripts that were bundled with Greasemonkey by default until this point were removed.