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The Monkey

Early versions of Greasemonkey provided an image of a monkey in the status bar. Clicking on the monkey would toggle the global enabled status of Greasemonkey. When enabled, the monkey is displayed in color; when disabled, it is greyed out, and no user scripts will run.

When Firefox 4 removed the status bar, Greasemonkey followed suit. Greasemonkey 0.9.2 added a toolbar button instead, and removed the status bar icon (in Firefox 4; it is still present in Firefox 3 which still has the status bar). You can read this page's history to learn about the old status bar icon and its menu.

The Menu

Greasemonkey's "Monkey Menu"

As of Greasemonkey 0.9.2, the same menu is available under Tools > Greasemonkey, and attached to the toolbar icon. (Also: from the status bar icon in Firefox 3.)

The Enabled menu item will display, as well as control, Greasemonkey's global enabled status. The Manage User Scripts... menu item will open the manage dialog as described earlier. The New User Script... menu item is used to write a new user script, from scratch. It is described in more detail in the editing section of this manual.

This menu also provides a list of the scripts whose include and exclude rules match the current page. Clicking on any script listed here is a convenient shortcut to enable/disable exactly that script. The menu item shows a check mark next to enabled scripts, and none next to disabled scripts. Pro tip: Right click on a script in this list and your editor will be opened to the main .user.js file for this script.

The Toolbar Button

The Greasemonkey toolbar button will be inserted into your browser's navigation bar at far right once, the first time that you run Greasemonkey. You can customize the toolbar (right click and choose "Customize") to move or remove the button as you please from this point.

User Script Commands

The User Script Commands... sub-menu lists the menu items for individual scripts which have been added via the GM_registerMenuCommand API. The presence and/or contents (as well as the possible actions) of this sub-menu depend completely on which scripts have been installed. It is common for this sub-menu to be unavailable and greyed out.