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Please see my user talk page on the English Wikipedia. I am developing the Greasemonkey-compatible Wikipedia / MediaWiki editor wikEd. Cacycle 23:04, 3 September 2010 (UTC)

The example (Talk:Location hack#Polling) you posted is far too complex and convoluted to use as a test case. I strongly suspect a side effect of the particular DOM manipulations you are doing to be the root of the problem.

A more appropriate test case might be e.g.:

// ==UserScript==
// @name           Location Hack Timing
// @description    Test the timing of the location hack.
// @include        *
// ==/UserScript==

location.href = "javascript:alert('This should show first.');void(0)";
alert('This should show second.');

In this case, I always see the alerts in the order I expect.

Nonetheless, I created Reading Content Globals to answer your query. This should be reliable, not to mention easier to read.

P.S. This isn't WikiPedia, and I don't like "chatting" on wiki pages. Please head to the mailing list ( if you need further support. Arantius 15:50, 4 September 2010 (UTC)