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Test example wiki userscript file: User:Rod_McGuire/dataschemetest.u.js.

Clickable link (dataschemetest) to raw .js that will cause a running GM to try to install it.

Stuff below should be edited and put in a seperate page

Test example javascript file: User:Rod_McGuire/dataschemetest.user.js.

UGH, to access that wiki page Greasemonkey has to be disabled so it doesn't intercept it as a userscript

Or the link can be given on a wiki page with a bogus parameter appended to the URL to block Greasemoneky from triggering. E.g.

The raw text file version of that page should be accessed as [1], i.e.,

Greasemonkey does not currently automatically recognize the above as a userscript.

However you can fool Greasemonkey into automatically treating it as a userscript by appending .user.js to the URL, using some bogus parameter such as US. I.e.


This link will cause Greasemonkey to automatically try to install the above.

Maybe creating Templates to handle the rewriting needed would be appropriate.

Like this: