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Revision as of 18:01, 31 January 2010 by Rod McGuire (talk | contribs) (added way to automatically get the raw text file recognized as a Greasemonkey script)
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Test example javascript file: User:Rod_McGuire/dataschemetest.user.js.

(UGH, to access that wiki page Greasemonkey has to be disabled so it doesn't intercept it as a userscript)

The raw text file version of that page should be accessed as [1], i.e.,

Greasemonkey does not currently automatically recognize the above as a userscript.

However you can fool Greasemonkey into automatically treating it as a userscript by appending .user.js to the URL, using some bogus parameter such as US. I.e.


This link will cause Greasemonkey to automatically try to install the above.

Maybe creating a Template to handle the rewriting needed would be appropriate.