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Test example wiki userscript file: [[User:Rod_McGuire/dataschemetest.u.js]].

Clickable link ({{RawWikiUserscript|User:Rod_McGuire/dataschemetest.u.js|dataschemetest}}) to raw <code>.js</code> that will cause a running GM to try to install it.
=== Stuff below should be edited and put in a seperate page ===
Test example javascript file: [[User:Rod_McGuire/dataschemetest.user.js]].
<b>UGH, to access that  wiki page Greasemonkey has to be disabled so it doesn't intercept it as a userscript</b>
Or the link can be given on a wiki page with a bogus parameter appended to the URL to block Greasemoneky from triggering. E.g.
The raw text file version of that page should be accessed as [http://wiki.greasespot.net/index.php?title=User:Rod_McGuire/dataschemetest.user.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript], i.e.,
<pre style='overflow: auto'>http://wiki.greasespot.net/index.php?title=User:Rod_McGuire/dataschemetest.user.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript</pre>
<b>Greasemonkey does not currently automatically recognize the above as a userscript.</b>
However you can fool Greasemonkey into automatically treating it as a userscript by appending <code>.user.js</code> to the URL, using some bogus parameter such as <code>US</code>. I.e.
This [http://wiki.greasespot.net/index.php?title=User:Rod_McGuire/dataschemetest.user.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript&US=.user.js link] will cause Greasemonkey to automatically try to install the above.
Maybe creating Templates to handle the rewriting needed would be appropriate.
Like this:


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