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As of Greasemonkey 4.0, this method has been removed.  
You should use the [https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/console.log console] instead.
{{Greasemonkey Manual TOC}}
== Description ==
This [[API_reference|API]] method allows script authors simple access to logging informational messages in the Error Console.
If you aren't seeing your messages, make sure you navigate to [[mozillazine:About:config|about:config]], and change the values of <code>javascript.options.showInConsole</code> and <code>javascript.options.strict</code> to true. This can be helpful for debugging.
[[#Examples|Examples]] | [[#GM_log_and_Firebug|GM_log and Firebug]] | [[#Notes|Notes]]
== Syntax ==
'''GM_log(''' ''message'' ''')'''
:Value: Function
:Returns: undefined
:Compatibility: [[Version_history#0.3_beta|Greasemonkey 0.3b+]]
:{| cellpadding="5" style="border-style:solid; background:#FFFFE0;"
|+ Parameters
| <code><span style="background:#FFFFE0;">[[#message |message]]</span></code>
:* All properties are optional except [[#message|message]].
=== Properties ===
==== <code>message</code> ====
:Value: String, Integer<sup>[1]</sup> or Boolean<sup>[1]</sup>
:Usage: <code>'''message''' = "ARGHHH!";</code>
:* Message to send to the JavaScript error console.
:* <sup>[1]</sup> While the value may be a non-string, it will convert the argument to a string. There may also be some instances of visual clipping on large numerical values during conversion.  This is a feature present in Mozilla based JavaScript console logging.
[[#top|top]] | [[#Syntax|back]]''
== Examples ==
GM_log("Hello, World!");
GM_log("Warning, " + someInputField.value + "!");
== GM_log and Firebug ==
Since [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1843 Firebug] 1.0, <code>extensions.firebug.showChromeMessages</code> must be set to <code>true</code> for GM_log messages to show up in the Firebug console.
== Notes ==

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As of Greasemonkey 4.0, this method has been removed. You should use the console instead.