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The Dialog

As of Greasemonkey 0.9.0, management of user scripts is integrated into the standard Firefox Add-ons dialog. The User Scripts tab will appear here, besides Extensions, Themes, and all the other standard sections. Because the Add-ons manager received a major makeover for Firefox 4, this will look different depending on which version of Firefox you are using. In either case, management of user scripts will behave very similarly to management of standard extensions.

Unlike extensions, you have the option (via the context menu) to re-order the scripts. This affects the order in which scripts will run, which is important only when multiple scripts are altering the same page. In such situations, this will usually manifest as one script running OK on its own, but failing when another script is added. The easiest way to fix this is simply to select the script that is broken, open its context menu, and select Move To Top. This will cause the script to execute before any others, meaning it will execute on the clean page without modifications from other scripts.

Also, disabling and uninstalling scripts is different than extensions. All scripts can be installed, uninstalled, and disabled without restarting Firefox. If any of those options are not shown use the context menu. In the case of an uninstall, the action is not performed immediately, but instead when you close the dialog. If you make a mistake and uninstall the wrong script, simply hit the cancel (or undo) button. To complete the uninstall action, simply close the Add-ons Manager dialog.

Managing Script Execution

Script execution in Greasemonkey is controlled by Include and exclude rules. Scripts execute on pages that match an @include rule, unless an @exclude rule also matches.

Opening the Dialog

Since the script management dialog is now simply a pane in the standard Add-ons Manager, you can get to it simply by selecting Add-ons from the Firefox tools menu. You can also select Manage User Scripts... from either the Greasemonkey menu inside Tools, or from the monkey menu.